"What you are is God's gift to you. 
What you become is your gift to God." Nichole Henderson

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              Marriage Family Therapist-I

My goal is to provide QUALITY, faith-based behavioral and mental health services for children, individuals, families, and couples while allowing God to facilitate their healing process through me, with unconditional acceptance. I am dedicated to helping others navigate their complex worlds, through faith based principles and evidence based techniques. I specialize in individual family therapy, couples counseling a behavioral issues, anger management, mood disorders, and spiritual issues from a Christian perspective.I am a lifetime student with a passion for excellence to serve God and live a full, deep and Victorious life. Faith plus action kills FEAR! Live on purpose in the spirit of excellence and obtain a Victorious Lifestyle. 
Executive Director

I would say raising my kids is my biggest accomplishment. I am proud of what they have achieved and the paths that they are on. I really enjoy being around kids and being a role model to them. I am really passionate about helping others. I enjoy taking people in and listening to their thoughts and needs. Knowing that I can help others is really a blessing to me. I feel like my purpose is to be here for others. With God’s help I hope to continue to follow the path that he has set aside for me. I have enjoyed working for Victorious Beginnings for the past five years and will continue to do Gods work victoriously.
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